Service Deionization

Custom DI city water make and recycle systems
Custom SDI city water make and recycle systems

As part of our commitment to being a full service company, LT Technologies owns and operates a Service DI division serving the New England Region. We specialize in critical application environments such as pharma, electronics manufacturing, laboratories and many industrial sectors. We have developed this business around providing critical waters to industries with strict requirements for validation and consistency.

Service Deionization (SDI) from LT Technologies is a safe and economical way for you to obtain consistent, high-purity water from potable feed water.  Our reliable SDI systems consist of activated carbon and ion exchange resin contained in portable tanks connected directly to your water supply.  With SDI systems, there is no major capital investment or handling of hazardous chemicals.  Our factory-trained service representatives will deliver tanks, install and maintain the filtration equipment.  With LT technologies you get the highest quality service in the industry.  LT Technologies can custom-design and configure an SDI system to meet your water purity, flow rates and/or budget requirements.

Activated Carbon
These units remove chlorine, chloramines and dissolved organic contaminants.  Each replacement carbon unit contains virgin carbon to assure maximum water quality and service life of the bed.

Cation Resin
Cation resins remove positively charged dissolved ionic contaminants such as calcium, sodium, magnesium, potassium, iron and manganese.  The cation resins used are very durable to provide stability against osmotic, thermal and impact shock.

Anion Resin
Anion resins remove negatively charged dissolved ionic contaminants such as carbonate, bicarbonates, sulfates, chlorides, nitrates and silica.  The anion resins used offer stability against osmotic, thermal and impact shock.  A variety of anion resins are available suitable for any water application.

Mixed Bed Deionizers
For higher quality water with a more neutral pH than separate bed systems, as well as enhanced silica and CO2 removal mixed bed deionizers can be stand alone systems or placed as a polisher  after the separate two beds (cation & anion resins).  LT Technologies SDI units produce the quality of water required for any application, up to 18.3 megohm resistivity at 25 degrees C.  In-line quality monitors immediately alert users when resin tanks need to be changed.

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