50 gpm ion exchange rinse water recycle system
50 GPM Tubular Microfiltration System

A great fit for many different objectives and environments, microfiltration is evolving in its design to include metals precipitation, protein separation for healthcare and food based high purity streams, as well a concentration and suspended solids removal for juice pulp extraction. LT Technologies has extensive experience in every use area of Microfiltration for some of the world's leading companies.

Different Types:

Tubular Microfiltration
A compliance power house for metal bearing process wastes, our systems are replacing, large, expensive, resource burdens ,such as chemical precipitation compliance systems. Our compact, innovative MF systemizations have been proven in the most challenging environments to be bullet proof compliance tools. Recent advancements in the membrane quality and designs on the market, means you get compliance, so critical to your long term viability, at the lowest cost per gallon of any technology available today. Microfiltration simply is the best long term compliance risk mitigation technology. An easy to understand summary starts you on the road to better understanding.


  1. Metal Finishing
  2. Metal Working
  3. Groundwater Remediation

Hollow Fiber

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Food Grade Hollow Fiber Microfiltration system

Hollow fiber cartridges operate from the inside to the outside during filtration. This means that process fluid (retentate) flows through the center of the hollow fiber and permeate passes through the fiber wall to the outside of the membrane fiber. Tangential flow can help limit membrane fouling. Other operating techniques that can be employed with hollow fiber membrane systems include back flushing with permeate and retentate reverse flow.


  1. Protein Separation
  2. Wine/Juice Clarification
  3. Pharmaceutical drug processing
  4. Diary Processing

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