Ion Exchange For Water Recycle

50 gpm ion exchange rinse water recycle system
50 gpm ion exchange rinse water recycle system

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The exciting world of kinetic exchange has long been very attractive to LT Technologies as well as our clients. Few technologies are so comprehensive in the way they achieve desired purification with minimal cost and equipment. The challenge lies in having the sophistication to effectively systematize the technology to be successful in environments with variable contaminant loading, as well as utilizing the correct pretreatment technologies to protect and enhance the resins efficacy in such an environment.

We work hand in hand with the most innovative, highest quality and capacity resins for water and rinse water recycling. As an evolving and rapidly expanding technology we are at the forefront of cutting edge design and cost saving measures in our systematizations, that allow any manufacturing environment to consider Ion Exchange a feasible option to meet their water recycle, compliance and commodity recovery goals.

The never-ending need of reducing water consumption and discharge can be alleviated with the recycling of process waters. Through a dual bed (cation & anion) ion exchange system, economically these goals can be achieved. There are many positives in recycling industrial process waters.

Ion exchange regeneration system

The savings on water usage and discharge permitting are the two most significant. Another benefit many North American companies are not aware of is consistent rinsing temperatures. As water enters a in midwinter months, cold temperatures can cause inconsistent rinsing of parts. The general need to conserve on water consumption and discharge is an aspect that should never be overlooked.

L T Technologies, Inc. offers a wide array of standard or custom tailored deionization units. LT Technologies is your avenue to recycling and recovering your aqueous solutions.

For a greater understanding of the recycling purification technologies represented please call us or download easily printed documentation using the link below.

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