Groundwater Remediation

Small Scale Membrane Bio-Reactors
Small Scale Membrane Bio-Reactors

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What we do

LT Technologies is engaged in the business of consulting, designing, building, and installing VOC, Heavy Metal and Perchlorate remediation and removal systems for government, municipal as well as industrial clients. Our “All under One Roof” manufacturing, laboratory, pilot testing facility and engineering group campus ensure the highest manufacturing standards are met.

Continuous improvement is the standard
This business unit has a research and development arm that is continuously evaluating and implementing of new as well as existing technologies. Our strategic partnerships have resulted in LT technologies becoming a single source solution for all your Perchlorate removal and groundwater remediation technologies requirements.

We work with the best
Our success with large scale government and municipal clients has allowed us to source and develop technologies as well as manufacturing standards that make LT technologies the best cost provider to industries looking for groundwater and Perchlorate remediation and removal solutions. Unlike many firms in the marketplace today, we have systems operating successfully in the field.

Timing is everything
LT Technologies prides itself on its proven time to market proficiency, relative to client specific systems. We use an advanced standardization model and focus on value added engineering to make our systems as cost effective, durable, and intuitive as well as operator interface friendly. This packaging allows us to get turnkey system to you more quickly.

Media and ion Exchange remediation systems
Media and ion Exchange remediation systems

Size Matters
At LT Technologies size does matter. We have developed unique manufacturing capabilities that allow virtually any footprint or size restriction to be taken into consideration. Our systems infrastructure and component selections, allow the use of maximum achievable technologies relative to required flows and desired results. We understand the value of real estate, in your decision making process.

We work to build trust
Every system LT Technologies builds represents a partnership between LT Technologies and our clients, for life. We have set ourselves apart by providing a premium engineering, consulting as well as manufacturing experience. Our 20 year history within the water treatment business has shown us that our client’s needs are paramount to our continued success and growth. We answer the call of industry for ever higher standards. We look forward to meeting the challenge!

Stay Tuned!
Within our website you will find the information you need as a resource to your business, whatever the industry sector. Please feel free to use this site as a jumping off point to better understand what is pertinent to your goals for Perchlorate removal and groundwater remediation, how our systems work, and the technology options available to you today, as well as what the future holds. Our Engineering teams, expert updates, keep you on the edge of technology.

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Environmental Recovery Purification Technologies



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