Consulting Design and Project Management


Smart Ideas and sound Judgment; the guiding principal of our consulting objectives. We start each project with a thorough evaluation of our client’s process as well as listen carefully to objectives. We strive for interactive dialogue from operator through ownership, in an effort to provide a long term durable solution. LT Technologies offers consulting & project management services as a standalone offering for the purposes of feasibility study, design specification development, technology selection, environmental management, liquid waste minimization, and wet process improvement.

Our expertise lends itself to more than just designing, manufacturing, and delivering on our promises of the highest quality lowest cost options in our industry. We are also uniquely qualified to look at ways to make these systems smaller, more cost effective, or not required at all. Imagine, a manufacturing firm that helps you save money not spend it.

LT Technologies is a company that goes beyond green. We are concerned that today’s marketplace is filled with profit centers that don’t bring true value to the industries they serve. We are not an engineering firm whose sole purpose is to deliver paper solutions, nor are we a product driven company that will sell a system without a complete understanding of how it will always BENEFIT a customer.

Project mangementOur team feels strongly that an unbiased approach will always yield dividends, in good times and bad. We are a resource to our clients and pride ourselves on our responsiveness in times of need. Our consulting  and project management services are available to anyone that requires thoughtful, proven advice on how to keep their company in compliance as well as continuous improvement of process, and liquid waste management.

Our fees are minimal and very often save our clients thousands of dollars. Our consulting and project management group is a showcase of our practical knowledge, innovative approach and timely methods, designed around you and your goals.

For a greater understanding of the services represented please call us or download easily printed documentation using the link below.

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